5 Self Care Tips for Busy Mums

The role of a mother is constantly changing. Mothers are increasingly taking on many roles from working full and or part time and looking after their children. Add on the global pandemic from 2020 and lockdown, this role now has become an extra demand for working mums who may not know how to switch off.

It is important to look after yourself mama. You need to look after yourself in order to build resilience and prevent burnout. When you make time for yourself and get enough rest, exercise and a mini pamper session thrown into the mix, you feel more energetic. This allows you to do more for yourself and those around you. 

Stop scrolling through social media and read this post to the very end. You’ll thank me later.

Step 1

Create your zen space | mum cave and go there!

With the hustle and bustle of social media and the world around us we are constantly on the go and checking our screens. Find a spot in your home and make it yours. Add some beautiful quotes on the wall and imagery. Go here to take time out and do nothing. Yes just sit still and maybe just catch a quick 10minute nap 😴. I tend to wake up before everyone in the house and spend time drinking my hot, I repeat HOT coffee whilst looking out the window and daydreaming.

Step 2

Look and feel good 

Get yourself ready for the day before your kids. You’ll thank me later. Spend some time on your hair, slap on some make up. Wear a nice outfit (you might have to change out of the outfit a few times if you have a 10 month old). This will help you create some self confidence. 

Step 3

Sharing is caring 

They do say it takes a village. Speak out and ask for help. Don’t bottle it all in, your not a robot, your a human who has needs too. Share responsibilities with your partner, if your a single mum then ask a trustworthy friend or family member for help! This makes you a stronger person and not a weak person. 

Step 4

Get some Fresh Air

Fresh air by yourself and not with the pram! Why not go shopping for yourself, only buy clothes or makeup for yourself. Make sure you on this experience. Ask your partner or a family member to stay with the kids whilst you do this. 

If your not into shopping then go for a walk by yourself or get in some exercise. 

Step 5

Learn to say no

Your not superhuman, you can’t do it all. If you are trying to get it all done then your setting yourself up for burnout. Nobody wants a burnt out mum as this then leads to health problems and illnesses. 

Prioritise the important household chores and leave the none essentials. Your mental health is more important than a super clean house. If you can afford it then get a cleaner. If not then play a cleaning game with your family. 

My son is a bit too young for this but when he’s older we’re going to sing the clean up song whilst clearing away toys and organizing the house. Just 30 minutes of the family cleaning up together makes a huge difference and it means you don’t have to do it by yourself, your also showing your kids how to be more independent and self sufficient. 

Self care for mothers is certainly a gift that keeps on giving.

After all A Happy Mum = A Happy Baby 


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