5 Things I Want to Tell New Mums

It’s been a minute since I last wrote a blog post. So much has happened in the last year with major highs and major lows. I guess we keep moving with all the rolls and punches life has to offer us. The biggest highlight of this year has been watching my handsome little man grow into an active and cheerful boy.

I’ve spent my maternity leave soaking in all baby milestones and capturing each and every moment of my sons development. As my handsome man approaches the age of 1, I thought I’d stop and reflect upon the things I’d love to tell a new mum to be. When you first have your newborn your bound to have a lot of unsolicited advice, I say take what you want and push what you don’t want away from your mind.

Here’s what I wish I took onboard from the get go, take what you want from the post and remove the rest. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

1. Get Some Fresh Air

This is easier said than done, but please put on your comfy shoes, strap baby onto your chest or into their pram and go outside, come rain or shine. Take some time out to clear your mind and what best way than to go for a walk. If your too tired from sleepless nights then take a 5/10 minute walk. Honestly this will do you and baby some good. There is so many sensory opportunities for your child to enjoy on walks especially nature walks. If your not into walks, then go for a drive to your nearest supermarket or shopping mall, grab a bite to eat and some coffee (depending on if your in Lockdown or not). Otherwise make yourself a coffee to go at home.

2. Wave Goodbye to Mum Guilt

Here’s the lowdown, mum guilt is unproductive and messes with your mind followed by your mental health. It’s that heavy load we carry that pulls us away from the joys of motherhood. Have I played enough with my child? Has my child had too much screen time today? Will my child be ok if I let them play independently for an hour? Have I talked enough to my child today? The list goes on! Please do yourself a favour and stop! Mum guilt is not productive.

Ask yourself these three questions, Is everyone in the house safe and alive? Has my child been fed? Is the house still standing in one piece? Then that’s all that matters mamma. Your doing a great job.

3. Comparison is the thief of Joy

This is a violence against oneself! Honestly Mama, no one else is you and that is your superpower! You will not find a mother who has figured it all out, yes she may look perfect on social media and has ticked off all her to do list for the day, but she probably didn’t tell you about the meltdown her child had or how she had such little sleep from her child teething. Time spent comparing and scrolling could be time spent enjoying those precious moments with your child or getting that house chore done which you’ve been putting off.

4. It’s Just a Phase

Your baby may be waking up every two/ three hours and not sleeping through the night, your child may be fighting sleep at bedtime. You might have to rock your child to sleep, your child may be a contact napper and you may not be able to get things done or even have a shower. Please know that it’s all a phase and those moments will flash before your eye. Savour those precious moments of cuddling your child in your arm, hold them tight as very soon they will become more independent and one day they will be in their big bed and not wanting those kisses or cuddles.

5. Do not stand behind the camera

Yes mama, I’m talking to you. Please capture as many pictures of you and your child as possible. Take those natural pictures at home and also pictures when your out and about. If your partner doesn’t take the right angles for you then get yourself a tripod stand and a self clicking remote control with a timer. (I’ll let you into a little secret, the photos taken above were captured on my iphone using a remote timer).


This post is dedicated to my beautiful mother, who’s now my sons guardian angel. I miss you everyday and wish you were here (Earth side) to watch your grandson grow.




    August 24, 2021 / 3:49 pm

    Aww, excellent advice Osaze. I totally agree with you, writing as a consultant paediatrician of many years standing. Your mum will be very proud of you.

    • iamozharzi
      August 24, 2021 / 9:10 pm

      Thank you dad.

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