A Tourists Guide to New York in Just Three Days

When it comes to greatest cities in the world for diversity, culture and food your bound to see New York ranking in within the top five or better still at the number one spot.

New York has always been on my bucket list of places to visit and it surely did not disappoint. Spending just 3 whole days in the city was certainly not enough.

When it came to mapping out our three days, it was hard to decide what to do with our limited amount of time. From choosing between famous landmarks, incredible buildings and all the great film locations, we had a difficult time in narrowing down our choices. So where did we start?

Here’s my budget free tourist guide to New York in three days!


The best way to get around the Big Apple is by foot and subway, especially if your staying in the heart of Manhattan. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel just off 9th Avenue. Why not save some extra dollars by pre-booking your room with views from above.

One of the views from our hotel window

Another tip, make sure you save the hotel street details in your phone before you book an uber from the airport especially if your carrying a few suitcases as there are several Hilton hotels within a few meters from each other especially at Times Square.

*Travelling light? Get an airport train followed by the subway into Manhattan for just under $15



Lights, Camera, Action!

Remember the well know fight scene between Spider-Man and Electro in Spider-Man 2?

The city screens really do come to life at Night. Your best venturing into Times Square at night time, trust me you will not be dissapointed. There is a somewhat theatrical and magical feeling just standing right in the middle of the hottest tourist attraction in the World. If your into your movies then you are truly in for a treat. A word of warning, there is truly no perfect time to take that perfect instagram shot as Time Square is busy and full of life 24|7.



A visit to the number one capital is not complete without a few hours stop at 5th Avenue. The high rent area of Mid-Manhattan certainly captures the shopping addicts. From high-end retail to affordable fashion there is something for everyone at 5th Avenue. A great excuse to walk in the shoes of Carrie Bradshaw (well kinda).


‘Concrete jungle where dreams are made of’, seriously there is nothing you can’t do when your in central park. With over 800 acres of greenery and that jaw dropping city skyline there’s not enough time to walk the full stretch of the park. Your best mapping out the areas you’d like to see to fully appreciate what Central Park has to offer.

The park is full of so much to do from the Belvedere Castle, zoo, water-fountain, playground and beautiful meadows. For a budget free experience walk from the entrance of the park from 5th Avenue and avoid the horses on carriages it will set you back a few bucks.

For my next visit to the park I plan to enter the park at the Strawberry Fields entrance, this entrance is less busy with a great insta worthy backdrop.



Zodiac Ceiling painted with Gold leaf

Located at 42nd street and just off 5th Avenue, Grand Central is full of history, architecture and more shopping all under one roof! To get a feel for the station avoid rush hour, below the station are levels of shopping and dining.



We took the E train from 8th Avenue to arrive at the World trade centre. I was deeply saddened and humbled to have visited both monuments of the 9/11 footprints. Just standing there and listening to the sound of the waterfall whilst the sun danced upon the waters brought a little tear to my eye.

May we never forget


Wall Street is a short 20 minute subway ride from 34th Street which is just off 7th Avenue. We took the Subway towards Brooklyn College and got off at Penn Station. Followed by another 2 minute walk we arrived near the New York Stock Exchange ‘The Big Board’ also known as one of the oldest and largest stock exchange in the world. 

New York Stock Exchange

Spot the bull…

The legendary charging bull had a big reputation to beat. Located near the stock exchange on Bowling Green Park, the bull is a symbol of the American stock market. Long queues of tourist waited patiently to snap a picture with the bull, some were even happy to rub the bulls horns, nose and butt (maybe the bull might bring them financial luck).


Walk to Brooklyn bridge in just under 15 minutes from the New York Stock Exchange. Before embarking on the walk I saved the directions on my maps with a free wifi in one of the coffee shops. The walk can also be done in 10 minutes depending on how quick you walk. You will arrive at city hall park before embarking on a diagonal walk onto the bridge, better still follow the crowd! We walked from the Manhattan side up until the centre of the bridge. Next time I plan to cross the bridge into Brooklyn and wonder around the hip area of Dumbo.


  • Familiarise yourself with the subway system, purchase a subway pass and top up each time depending on how many subway journeys you plan to make
  • Walk as much as you physically can, make sure you pack your comfiest shoes, you’ll thank me later
  • Find bargain room deals months in advance on booking.com and skyscanner
  • If possible visit NY during off peak season Jan-April
  • Visit Grand Central station for mouthwatering fresh food to take out
  • If your travelling light take a train to and from the airport to save on peak taxi travel times
  • Pizza, hot-dogs, bagels, stir-fry, you name it, there are vendors on every corner of the streets
  • Take a free ferry to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty (this is on the list for my next visit)
  • Plan your days before you head out

 There you have it, from one tourist to another a three day budget guide to New York. I hope you find this useful for your trip to the Big Apple.

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    Amazing. Thank for sharing. Looking forward to visiting there one day

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