Hello, thank you so much for being interested in Zharzi and visiting my page, my name is Osaze and I’m the designer and maker behind Zharzi. I would love to say that you will usually find me curled up on a sofa drinking copious amounts of tea, yarn in one hand, knitting away to my hearts content. The reality is Zharzi is part of my creative life, from content writing, web design, photography, styling and DIY tutorials to knitting which is one I couldn’t imagine living without.

Growing up in the lovely Welsh Valleys and going to secondary school in a castle, one which looked like Hogwarts, I began to experiment with mixing up textures, cutting up unwanted clothing and re-working old pieces into fun quirky accessories, I thought I was the new Vivien WestWood. I pleaded with my textiles teacher to study A Level textiles without doing the GCSE and it worked. Fast forward to my Art foundation, followed by a degree in Fashion and Textiles I knew that I wanted a creative career and taught the subject at Secondary school (High school) for 8 years before leaving the teaching profession to embark on my creative journey.

I have always enjoyed knitting from the age of 12, it’s an enjoyable hobby, now small business and a way for me to continually challenge myself and connect with others who share the same love for knitting.



Zharzi comes from an amalgamation of my many nicknames from, Zizzy to Zaz, to Zhazzi now Zharzi. My work involves both knitting and weaving, each piece made is made lovingly from my home studio in Kent.

My knitted pieces are handmade from the highest quality wool and sustainable knitting needles. The yarn used are naturally soft, hypo allergenic, strong and durable. The knitted accessories are renewable and biodegradable.


Zharzi began in June 2018 as a small space for me to share my fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices. My little corner of the internet has now progressed into a small community for crafters alike, this blog now aims to provide you with my story of building an online business ( I launched my Etsy Shop on the 29th January 2019).

I love working with luxurious wool resulting in high quality knitwear and home decor for you, your home and your loved ones. All products feature a handcrafted, wooden Zharzi tag making them authentic and distinctive.

Besides showing you behind-the-scenes peeks, projects I’m working on and ways to wear or use the items I sell, this blog is also about my story of building an online community for creative makers alike, I find many people wanting to make handmade craft items, so why not share my experiences?

I hope you’ll love Zharzi as much as I do! For enquires, suggestions, custom orders (yes please), or a simple hello, leave me a message contact page.

Osaze x