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Wool Stash | DIY Yarn Storage Idea

Are you fed up of storing all your yarn on top of cupboards, inside paper bags and laundry baskets? Did you know that storing yarn inside a basket on top of your carpet might call for unwanted yarn eating guests (carpet bugs). Read on to find out how I went from storing my wool stash on book shelves, inside drawers and dotted around the house…


Knitting for Mindfulness

There are so many posts about the health benefits of knitting on the internet, yes indeed there are probably a kazillion posts about knitting for mindfulness; but this one comes from a very different perspective. It comes from a knitting enthusiast who has a very trustworthy feline assistant that loves high quality wool which are ethically sourced and come in sustainable packaging. What if I…


We are Knitters | DIY Marcy Scarf

Nothing beats receiving a new DIY kit especially one that has ‘all the happiness in a kit’. Over the festive period I thoroughly enjoyed knitting the soft and luxurious Marcy scarf using the Highland Peruvian wool. This particular scarf uses three basic stitches and is a fab way to develop your knitting skills. As an avid lover for all things yarn and ethical packaging I…


Woven Wall Hanging | Rya Knots

To prepare this weaving I have used two simple techniques; the rya knot and plain weave to make a beautifully textured home decor piece. Read on for the full tutorial here on the blog. This finished wall hanging measures 19 x 54 cm and is made using merino wool inspired by colours from a winters beach. I spent a total of two hours completing this…


A New Year with Yarn

It’s the second day of 2019, time to set out on our new goals and embrace the unknown. With that in mind I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting my creative journey. If you’re a returning reader stay tuned for some exciting news and if you’re new to this corner of the internet keep reading for all things woolly, hygee…


DIY Painted Terracotta Pots

To begin, you will need: Terracotta pots white chalk paint black acrylic paint silver acrylic paint medium sized paint brush washi tape medium sized pen Clear acrylic spray paint (sealer)   STEP ONE Start by painting each pot with two coats of paint whilst leaving a few minutes between each coat. *I painted one pot white, the second black and third silver.   STEP TWO…


Don’t mind if I Baileys | Deluxe …



Tender Loving Clutch | Wool and the Gang

Following on from my knitting journey I decided to test out the DIY clutch bag kit from Wool and the Gang. This is my first time knitting a basic beginner clutch bag and I loved the simple step by step guide which came with the kit. The final outcome is of a structured bag made using the t-shire yarn ‘Jersey be Good‘. Read on to…


Dip Dye Macrame Feather

I thought I’d give the macramé technique a second try with a large scale macramé feather. This is a simple macramé design in comparison to the macramé Christmas tree . I am no macramé expert but I do love mixing and dyeing yarns so thought I may as well create a macramé feather with a twist. Let’s be honest these feathers have been popping all…


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