Blood orange Gin Cocktail | Halloween Treats

Don’t you just love a good ole G & T? Usually a summer time favourite amongst many. Why not try this Autumnal Gin treat infused with Rosemary herbs and hints of Elderflower cordial. This will make a perfect Halloween cocktail for your grown-up party!

The blood orange colour in this cocktail comes from a juice drink ‘Dimes Xpress C’ which I came across at the World food aisle at my local supermarket. Usually I would use blood orange juice or fresh blood orange which are more common in Spain, Italy and the States. The fruit has a fresh sweet taste almost like raspberries.


You will need:

Dry Gin

Elderflower Cordial

Ginger Ale

Ice cubes

Blood orange juice or Grapefruit & Orange juice

        Fresh Grapefruits for garnishing

Fresh Rosemary

Multiple your ingredients as required.



Fill your glass with ice.

Add gin, elderflower cordial and blood orange juice.



Top with ginger ale and gently stir.



Give it a good taste, too sweet?

Level it out with more blood orange juice.

Too sour?

Level it out with more elderflower cordial.



Infuse a sprig of Rosemary herbs and add a slice of Grapefruit and you’r done!

P.S Why not include dry ice for a spooktacular smoking cauldron effect!




*take extra care when handling dry ice and follow the instructions on the packaging before using. Caution guests not to drink the dry ice. 



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