Decorate your Home with Dried Pressed Flowers

Enjoy lasting memories by saving that special bouquet for a fun DIY project. Bouquets are so beautiful especially when received as gifts from your loved ones.

It’s so sad to see them wilt away especially during the summer heatwave. Instead of throwing them away save the colourful petals and leaves for a fun DIY project. They will bring your bouquet back to life, making it eternal.

Before you begin this project leave your flowers on a south facing window to dry out for a couple of weeks. Once dried out choose the best petals from your bloom. This is the lazy way for drying out your flower bouquet.

Prepare your flowers in separate bunches to make sure each bunch is dried out. If not tie each bunch with a rubber band and hang upside down from a rod in a well ventilated area.

Ok now we have dried petals to work with, lets begin…

You will need:

an old photo frame


heavy weight gsm paper

all purpose hi-tack glue

an assortment of dried petals & leaves


Gently remove your prefered petals from the stem, use tweezers to pick each petal off your stem if your clumsy like me.


Play around with your arrangement before you commit to gluing down.

I was after a fun simple abstract design.

My final arrangement


Apply pressure to your petals by placing a book over the top for half an hour. I managed to apply pressure to the book with my hands and waited a couple of minutes as I’m very impatient.

Dab glue along the petal, leaves and stem.

*Remember a little goes a long way


Position onto your heavy weight paper and press into place. Once happy set aside and allow to dry for an hour.

Slip into your frame and hey presto your masterpiece is complete.

Don’t forget to bookmark and share this page for future reference. I would love to see your creative dried flower masterpiece.




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