Designing my Dream Wedding Dress

Trying on wedding dresses for the first time was the opposite to finding the one, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed sipping champagne with my sister and face timing mum on my first trip, I just couldn’t find the dress of dreams. I envisioned a look in my mind, when that look came into fruition I just wasn’t happy with the outcome. I wanted the figure hugging mermaid dress with a drop waist. After trying on several dresses in this particular style ‘fifteen’, to be exact, I changed my mind about the dress shape and fell in love with an A line number. Fitted around my waist to make my waist appear smaller and a fairytale drape to elongate my legs. I fell in love at first sight, but wait my arms were on show (I have muscular arms form my athletic days), yes most women would die for defined arms, I wanted to cover mine on my big day. Nothing was getting in my way, not even the thoughts of shoulda, woulda and couldas’. In the words of Beverley Knight, “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda can’t change your mind”. Read on to find out how I went about customising the dress.
The dress hung in Jana’s bridal boutique in Brighton, it peeked out from a circular rail. It featured a rhinestone waist trim, layers upon layers of tulle and a pleated sweetheart neckline satin bodice.
I was eager to try it on.

With a few tears of joy and more of relief I knew ‘Ranata’ was the one. But wait, my arms. The sweetheart neckline displayed my arms. What could I possibly do.


Roxy and I envisioned a design that combined everything I’ve ever dreamed of. She sketched an outline of what it could look like and at that moment I found the one again, my one true love in a dress. A magical moment, I was in love.
My fairy godmother assured me that the design will be worked on immediately and ready in 3 weeks, just before our flight to Santorini.



After my design consultation with Roxy in her Brighton studio (see more here), I was more than happy with our design, an open scallop neckline with lace detailing and a 3 quarter sleeve. The back featured an intricate lace design with scallop detailing for the button and loop fastening.

Extra lace was rush ordered from Spain and Roxy customised the top bodice of my dress, with a little intricate sewing of the appliqué onto the lace and more intricate sewing, a few phone calls and a zap of a wand, my custom made dress was ready.

3 weeks felt like a lifetime, it flew by and I came to meet my one true love. This time live in the flesh. She glistened on the stand and called my name. With a helping hand from my fairy godmother, she fitted like a glove.
A little swirl here and there and I was ready to walk down the aisle.
The new improved Renata, the dress of dreams, customised and made for me.
Find more pictures of the dress from our wedding day here.



Mode Bridal Image credit: sacco photography ( Novia D'art Renata image credit:  

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