Dip Dye Macrame Feather

I thought I’d give the macramé technique a second try with a large scale macramé feather. This is a simple macramé design in comparison to the macramé Christmas tree . I am no macramé expert but I do love mixing and dyeing yarns so thought I may as well create a macramé feather with a twist. Let’s be honest these feathers have been popping all over my social media feeds especially Pinterest. They are just so beautiful and would make a great décor piece around your home. Read on to see how I created this simple macramé design.


You will need:

5mm natural cream macramé rope

fabric scissors


cutting mat

wide tooth comb or a long bristle brush

Dylon cold fabric dyes

old bucket





Start by cutting 24 strands of the 5mm macrame rope into the following measurements:

X1 82cm strand for the spine

x10 65cm strands for the top of the feather

x8 50cm strands for the middle

x6 42cm strands for the bottom




Using a larks knot fold your 85cm strand in half and place your rope over a dowel rod.

*Refer to figure 1. 





Take the 65cm strand, fold in half and place under your main strand. The loop should face towards the left on the other side of the main strand. *fig.2 image 1

Next take another 65cm strand and place it on top of the main strand and also the first strand with the ends inside the first loop. *fig.2 image 2

Next take the ends of the first loop strand and place inside the ends of the second loop. *fig.2 image 3

Pull both strands through to create your first knot. Push this towards the top of your dowel rod. *fig.2 image 4

Repeat the above but this time place the next 65cmcm strand underneath the first knot towards the right.



Repeat step two by alternating from left to right whilst finishing the top strands and working your way down until you’ve used all top, middle and bottom strands.

*push each and every strand towards the last and tighten along the way.



Make a knot using the two strands from your main rope (the spine).



Trim all strands into your desired feather shape before unravelling each to form individual strings.



Place your macramé feather on a cutting mat in preparation for brushing out each individual cord.



*Brush out the feather in a space that’s well ventilated and has floor boards for ease of vacuuming after. If you have any allergies I suggest getting another member of the family to help out and vacuum after as this process results in a lot of dust and fluff.

*Use a long bristle brush to speed up the process.

*Make sure you’re not wearing black or your best clothes!

*Hold down the spine whilst brushing to prevent strands going missing.



Carefully follow the manufactures instructions on your cold water dye kit. Make sure you’re using gloves and your work area is fully protected. Mix your preferred colour dye in a spacious bowl/bucket.

Use a paint brush and fork to dip in the ends of the strand.

Leave the feather in the dye bath for a good 20minutes.

The rest of my feather stayed on-top of the sink basin whilst dip dyeing.

*For a cool effect use a clean paint brush to spread in another colour. 

Air dry for 1-2 days, until fully dry. 


What colours would you choose?

I love how this feather macrame turned out. A calming colour with layers of texture.

Will you try out this fun macrame feather? Let me know in the comments below.





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