DIY Floral Embroidered Jumper

Floral jumpers are back this winter, I’ve seen various colours and styles in M&S, TU clothing and ASOS. Instead of forking out for a new jumper I decided to customise an existing finely knitted jumper in my wardrobe.

By adding a simple floral appliqué design, purchased off Amazon, I was able to update an old jumper into a new exciting design. Adding two simple appliqué motifs was super quick and easy especially with the heat seal adhesive backing.

No need to purchase bonda web iron on for this quick and simple DIY. Why not give it a try.

Read on to see how to up-cycle any plain boring jumper.

You will need:

Old Jumper (fine knit)

Floral appliqué (I discovered later that the one purchased had an iron on backing)

Iron on bonda web (for non-iron on motifs)

Fabric scissors

Sewing pins

Sewing thread



Play around with the layout of your appliqué motif (I placed one above the top left bust and the other slightly off my left shoulder blade). It’s best to arrange the layout of your appliqué on someone else or a dress makers mannequin. This helps you to visualise your design. If all else fails, experiment with the layout by looking in the mirror or laying your jumper on a flat surface. Once you’re happy with the outcome, pin the motif into place.



*Place a clean fabric over the top and use a hot iron to melt the adhesive in place.

To save time you can leave the pins in place and sew on your motif without using the iron. I only recommend this technique for those of you who feel more confident with a sewing machine. Use a hot iron if you decide to hand sew your motif.

To secure your motif, sew around the outside using black or brown sewing thread.



That’s it, done.

Time to show off your customised Jumper.



P.S Let me know if you try out this super quick and simple DIY. I would love to see your designs and ideas.



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