DIY Gold Leaf Christmas Baubles

Gold leaf foil can make just about everything look a little more expensive. From home decor, cutlery, planters, picture frames and many more. The DIY gold leaf ornaments are very popular amongst crafters especially during the festive season. Add a glamorous touch to your Christmas decor with this quick and easy DIY gold leaf tutorial.

Read on to find out how to add a touch of sparkle and glam to your Christmas decor.


You will need:

Shatterproof Christmas baubles | ornaments

Gold leaf flakes

Gliding paste

A paintbrush

Small bowl

An old towel

Flat surface for working on

Tacky spray | varnish (optional)




The first step is to select a particular colour scheme, I like to switch up our Christmas tree each year with a specific theme. The colour scheme this year will be turquoise, blues and golds. Using a clean paint brush apply a thin coating of gliding paste to the bottom section of your baubles. It may help to place your baubles in an egg cup.

I decided to apply the gold leaf horizontally across the bottom of the baubles. You can apply the paste vertically across one half of your baubles or at the top half depending on the look you’re after.


Leave your gliding paste on each bauble for about 10 -15 minutes.



Whilst waiting for your paste, place your gold leaf flakes into a small bowl. Your gliding paste should feel tacky to the touch and not thoroughly dry.

Dip your bauble individually into your bowl of gold leaf flakes, with a clean and dry paint brush smooth out your gold flakes by dabbing it lightly over. I prefer to use my fingers to give it a rough texture. For a smoother look you could use a sheet of gold leaf instead of gold leaf flakes.

If you have any undesired gaps add more gliding paste and repeat the above steps before filling in your gaps with more gold leaf flakes.




Use an old towel to press down the layers of gold leaf as desired. I left some loose flakes for a textural effect.

Finish with a coating of sealer for extra sheen and glamour or leave the baubles as they are for a textural effect. I personally prefer the latter.

Once happy with the layout allow your baubles to dry for roughly 4 – 5 hours.



Add a length of thin ribbon for extra glamour. I used the original string which came with my Christmas baubles.

Have fun transforming your old Christmas decor, I would like to know if you tried out this gold leaf tutorial. You can tag your finished look via my instagram.




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