DIY Hat Wall Display

I love my big floppy hats, the bigger the better. All year round my hat stash was stored on-top of my tailors dummy in our guest room gathering dust. To spruce things up a little I buckled up to the hat wall display trend.

Hanging your hat collection keeps things organised and creates a fab wall decor in your home. Follow these quick and simple tips for your very own hat wall display.

  1. Lay out your hats on the floor near where you intend to display your hats. Play around with the shape, size, colour and style of hats. I created a diagonal arrangement with my favourite five hats to give a balanced effect on my narrow wall.
  2. Use masking tape/duck tape or colourful post it notes to mark out where you intend to place your hat.

3. Get yourself some cheap and cheerful command hooks. They are reusable and do not damage the wall. I chose these sturdy ones as they hold more weight. For better results use clear command hooks so they are not visible when you choose to wear a hat. I have a hat stored in my wardrobe for when I choose to wear a hat, kind of like a hat rotation to avoid leaving a blank space.

4. Follow the instructions to place your command hooks on the wall and start hanging!

That’s it, your done!

A nice quick and stylish wall display.


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