DIY Pom Pom Jumper | Christmas Jumper day

Christmas jumper day is fast approaching. Here in the UK thousands of people from various work organisations and schools pull out their ugly Christmas jumpers to raise money for a very good cause.

Save the Children Christmas jumper day is a charity run organisation which helps create ‘a brighter future for children’. With £2 collected for every jumper worn you will provide a child with the daily essentials in which we all take for granted.

Read on to find out how to create a quick Christmas jumper using pom poms, at the end of the post I will add a link  for you to get involved with some fun fundraising ideas.

You’ll Need:

various sized pom poms

*click here for how to make the pom poms

pair of scissors

safety pins

sewing needle

sewing thread

tailors chalk

jumper | sweater


Play around with the arrangement of your pom poms, once you’re happy with the design mark underneath each pom on the jumper with tailors chalk.

*I photographed the layout with my phone as a visual reference point to help with the colour layout and size of my design.

I used a total of 14 pom poms for the finished look.

Three on each back sleeve and four on each shoulder of the jumper.


Use safety pins to pin each pom in place from the inside of your jumper.

For the sleeves, turn the sleeve inside out half way and pin each pom in place.


Turn your jumper inside out and sew each pom pom in place. I stitched each pom securely by sewing around the safety pins in a circular shape.


Turn the jumper back to the right side and fluff out each pom.


Join in with the fun fundraising on the 14th of December with 3 simple steps:

Step one

Sign up for your fundraising pack via the Christmas jumper day official website.

Step two 

Decorate your jumper with fluffy pom poms.

*Why not try a pom pom Christmas tree design with LED battery powered lights?

Step three

Get donating with your fundraising pack.

Why not give it a try?

I’d love to see your fun pom pom jumper decorating ideas.




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