DIY Pumpkin Planter Centerpiece

Add a touch of Autumn to your home decor with your very own pumpkin planter centrepiece. Painted pumpkins topped up with colourful flowers and succulents makes for a beautiful display of warm colours and rich textures. This would make a great addition to your Halloween party or would look fab decorated on your mantle piece. I have known some brides to use this feature as their table centrepiece. There are so many options and ideas for planted pumpkin centre pieces on Pinterest.


To make your very own pumpkin planter;

You’ll need:


A selection of pumpkins and mini squash/gourds with varying sizes

house plants (I used pink & white azalea)

spray bottle for misting

kitchen knife for carving

table spoon or large serving spoon

multipurpose compost

white chalk board paint

bronze acrylic paint

medium sized paintbrush

palette for mixing paint



Play around with the arrangement of your pumpkins until you’r happy with the layout of your table centrepiece. This helps to give you an idea of how you will paint your feature pumpkins (I found the ghost pumpkin sitting on it’s own in Morrisons, these pumpkins are very hard to find in the UK, I decided to name it Casper hence why it has drawn facial features ).



Place your main pumpkin (planter) onto a chopping board or a thick tea towel to keep it sturdy. Using a kitchen knife mark out a circle at the top of your pumpkin, then repeat twice before cutting into the pumpkin. Using a table spoon, scoop out the pumpkin seeds and stringy parts. Discard the stringy parts.


*Wash the seeds to remove excess pulp, you can bake the seeds and use for many nutritional dishes.



Using your kitchen knife and table spoon, work into sections to cut and scoop out the main flesh of the pumpkin.

Keep this aside for making yummy baked pumpkin recipes and dishes.


*For a long lasting pumpkin planter, scrap out all the flesh as thoroughly as possibly until you’r left with the skin of the pumpkin.




Prep your pumpkins for painting, please refer to my painted no carve pumpkin blog post for how to prep and paint your pumpkins using chalk paint and acrylic.

I decided upon a bronzed white and orange theme for my pumpkin centre piece. The bronze acrylic was watered down slightly to give a washed out effect. I painted the two bigger pumpkin white using just one coat of chalk paint.


Fill your pumpkin with planting soil and place your plant inside, (I filled the pumpkin with 1/3 of the soil before adding the azalea plant), once placed firmly inside the pumpkin add more planting soil and water your plant with a misting bottle.

Repeat this process for as many pumpkins as required. 



Add LED lights for a romantic display.

You can display your pumpkin planter on wood slices for a rustic and natural feel. I have seen many displayed on old books and cake stands.

Let me know if you try out this fab planter decor!

Would love to see your designs and ideas.




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