Easy Sew | Make up Brush Roll Pouch

I’m really excited to bring to you this new DIY feature, I really do hope it inspires you to get creative…


This makeup brush roll pouch is perfect for wrapping and storing any extra make up brushes. With this simple step by step tutorial your makeup brushes will be rolled up and ready for your travels. It makes for a perfect gift.

The dimensions for this project are for a medium size pouch, but with a few tweaks in the measurements, you could turn this into a larger pouch or makeup bag, etc. Just something to keep in mind while recreating this project.

Here’s how to make your own…

You will need:

light weight faux leather 36×28 cm

40″cord (leather or sued)

fabric shears


sewing machine


Cut out a rectangular piece from your faux leather measuring 36cm length and 28cm width. For the long notch, fold your fabric in half across the width and measure 2.3cm from one edge before marking off, repeat on the opposite edge. Mark off a 2cm diagonal from your 2.3cm point. Join each 2cm diagonal line and cut out your notch. See photo below for example of how to cut the notch.


Sew a decorative stitch around the two notch ends. (Back stitch at the beginning and end).


Fold the two ends in towards the centre that you stitched making sure each fold measures 8.3cm. Sew down each end. See below for reference. (Pin down each fold for a more accurate measurement, don’t forget to sew the top corner of your notch before sewing down each fold). Backstitch at the beginning and end.


Hand stitch your cord onto the middle back. The cord I used was 40inches allowing me to wrap the pouch several times. Fill your pouch with desired brushes, lipgloss and blush!



That’s it! Finito!

I’d love to know if you tried out this quick and simple DIY brush roll pouch.




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