Five Reasons to Love Farm Food Shops

Our weekend adventures took us to the picturesque historic town of Market Harborough, most importantly to Farndon Fields Farm Shop for an English breakfast sourced from their 550 acre farmland within the Leicestershire countryside.

Farndon Fields Farm shop is a first generation family business which has been running for 36 years. They boast a farmers kitchen at the back, serving seasonal food, cooked fresh and ready to order with great prices. Perfect for a morning fry up after a night out in Leicester. Best part they have afternoon tea.

Locally sourced foods are now trendy with growing issues of reducing waste and cleaning up our environment. More and more people are now seeking out fresh, local options for produce and other food. Most restaurants now source locally grown ingredients often using the term farm-to-table. Here’s five reasons to love farm food shops.

Eating more seasonal local food reduces CO2 emissions

By eating seasonal foods sourced locally we reduce CO2 emissions. Less harmful emissions are produced as the food is transported a shorter distanced to you. Less energy is needed to grow seasonal produce as the climate provides the right environment for the products to grow.

Good for Animals

Buying local organic food requires fewer emissions than conventional farming. On organic farms animals have access to plenty of space to graze. The land on which they roam is manned organically, so no herbicides and little to no pesticides.

Building Communities

Locally grown foods helps build communities as you buy directly from the farmer. This allows you to build a relationship whilst helping to support local farmers who provide for their families.

Fresher Food Tastes Better

When food is picked and eaten at the peak of freshness, it not only retains more nutrients, it also tastes better.

Reduce Packaging Waste

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Walk into a supermarket and you’ll notice that most food items are packaged, especially those imported from afar. This packaging is used to protect items so they last until their use by date. Packaged food creates millions of tonnes of wrapping waste. Much of which is oil-based plastics that we can’t recycle. It takes over 1000 years for our plastic items to decompose in landfills, that truly is shocking. Plastics can be broken down and upcycled but this causes more emissions through manufacturing processes in factories.

Local food sold through farm shops are often unpackaged allowing customers to bring in their refill jars and sustainable packaging. Reusable cardboard boxes or jute bags helps to cut waste even further.

If you haven’t done so already, discover your local farm food shop, expand your culinary skills and support the local economy. Supporting local food and farmers means that the money you spend for that food benefits local farmers and producers.




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