Fluffy Coconut Pancakes with Summer Berries


I must declare my love for pancakes, pancakes are my weak point. They are just so irresistible, who couldn’t  resist a stack of fluffy, hot off the frying pan pancakes with maple syrup. I really do hope the sound of this makes you want to whip, flip and enjoy a plateful of warm coconut pancakes. You could add a scoop of ice cream on a hot summers day like today!



This ideally serves four, I’m not sure about you but I could easily eat them all! To make for two greedy adults, you’ll need…

135g self raising flour for extra fluffiness

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp caster sugar

130ml Alpro Coconut milk (alternatively add tined coconut milk)

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

2 medium eggs

Olive Oil for frying

none stick frying pan


To Serve 


Sliced Strawberries

Maple Syrup and/or Ice Cream

Sprinkles of desiccated coconut


(My parents gave us this Canadian Maple syrup all the way from Ontario). 

The best way to mix the mixture with guarantee of no lumps is to blend all the ingredients in the blender until smooth and creamy. You need to avoid a runny mixture; if your mixtures runny add more flour and blend again.



Heat up your non stick frying pan for a couple of minutes on a medium heat, add your olive oil, or which ever oil you prefer and spoon your creamy mixture into the centre of your frying pan. I avoid using a high heat as this will burn the outside layer and create a doughy centre which is not cooked.

Serve your pancakes with as much maple syrup & sprinkles of desiccated coconut as possible. If your not a fan of Maple syrup then any topping will do. I feel guilty making these as I’ve been on a zero sugar diet for our upcoming wedding. My excuse is that I will work off the calories next week!

If your eyes are bigger than your stomach like me then wrap up your left over pancakes, you’re going to want more the next day! I will be honest we had these for our evening meal!





P.S Let me know in the comments below if you tried out these mouth watering pancakes, if so which toppings did you use on yours?


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