How to Care for your Chunky Knit Blanket

Remember that pink chunky knit blanket I made just a couple of months ago, well mum had her eye on it and will be snapping it up pretty soon. This is not my usual DIY post but a quick update on how I care for my chunky knit blanket.

The pink blanket has been neatly tucked away in a storage basket away from the preying eyes of our cat (Coco). She loves a good ball of wool, especially the soft cloudy type. Enough about Coco, the chunky knit blanket is one that is used as a soft décor item for your bedroom and living room. Constant use and rough handling of the soft merino wool causes the blanket to pile and loose its shape.


If you own a chunky knit blanket or decide to make your very own, follow these three easy steps for extra longevity:



Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, a special breed of sheep which originated from Spain. Most merino sheep now live in New Zealand and Australia and many other parts of the World. Did you know, the merino wool made its first big break in fashion after the 2nd World war with Coco Channel’s fine wool jersey dress. Since then many luxurious fashion houses, textile designers and manufacturers produce the finest merino.


Find out why the merino wool is so expensive by reading my step by step chunky knit guide.

The merino wool is a super soft fibre, it’s a naturally insulating wool with water repellent characteristics. To prevent shedding and pilling, gently remove with your hands *gentle use of a razor works best, keep your blanket away from synthetic materials as it will cause extra abrasion.




The wool blanket tends to attract dust and Coco’s hair, to avoid this shake up your chunky blanket once a week, or once every fortnight. Tuck in any loose stitches and shake it out for a fresh looking blanket.



For accidental stains and drink spillage immediately wash with cold water on the stained area. Use a soft towel and air dry. Never wash your chunky knit blanket in the washing machine as this will result in a felted blanket.


Fancy making your own chunky knit blanket?

If you fancy making your own chunky knit blanket with just your hands follow my guide here, I purchased 2kg of natural merino wool for this particular blanket. I hope this was helpful for those of you who are starting out on your chunky knit journey.






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