How to Make Fluffy Pom Poms Using the Clover Pom Pom Maker

I have made so many pom poms for my Christmas projects that I am now obsessing over making more.

Using the Clover pom pom maker has helped speed up my previous method of using doughnut shaped cardboards.

I hope this simple tutorial helps you with your fun pom pom craft ideas.


You’ll need:

The Clover Pom Pom Maker

chunky merino wool in an assortment of colours

a pair of scissors


Open out your pom pom maker by pushing out the two plastic tabs on each side.


 Next wrap the yarn around one side of your pom pom maker.


Once full, fold the half back in and cut your yarn.


Wrap the yarn around the second half of the pom pom maker.

Fold back in and cut from the skein of yarn.


*Please excuse my nail growth (I’m due a manicure) haha.


Use sharp tailors shears to cut along the centre ridges of the pom pom maker and around the pom pom whilst firmly holding the pom pom maker.



Cut a length of yarn approx 20cm in length.

Wrap this yarn around the centre of the pom pom maker whilst still holding firmly. Tie a loop and knot across the middle.


Pull out the two plastic tabs on each half of your pom pom.

Leave your long strands loose depending on your craft project.


Use a pair of scissors to even out the yarn.

You can also do this at the very end.



Pull the two halves apart from the centre.



Fluff out your fluffy pom pom with your hands. Use a scissors to even out your ball of fluff making sure that the two ends are slightly longer (you don’t want your pom pom to fall apart).

Stay tuned for my upcoming pom pom Christmas post.




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