How to Pack for your Destination Wedding

From placing your deposit on your chosen location, sending out your invitations months in advance and stressing over whose going to sit next to whom. Your now just weeks away before jetting off to your wedding location. Congratulations on getting to this next step. 

Packing for the big day can be a complicated process especially for a destination bride. Read on to find out how to pack for your destination wedding without head butting your fiancé and fighting off family members who are trying to help. 


Where do I begin?

Do not leave your packing until the last minute! Trust me you will end up breaking out in spots from all the last minute stress. No bride wants to walk down the aisle looking like bridezilla! With so many restrictions and the possibility of loosing your suitcase , please consider the following…

1. Items to ship over just a few weeks before

 2. Items for your carry on

3. Items to pack for your time abroad

4. Items for your hold luggage 

5. Extra carry on items for a family member 

6. Wedding insurance & legalities 



To ship or not to ship?

You’ve spent days scrolling through Etsy researching and purchasing decorative items for your big day. Late nights have been spent creating your table numbers and place settings. Other delicate items have been purchased for the big day. I managed to complete our D.I.Y items a few months before our big day. This worked perfectly as there were mishaps along the way. Please don’t leave your D.I.Y projects until the last minute. After all you need a couple of weeks to pack for your destination wedding! 

Delicate items should be shipped to your wedding planners 3-2 weeks before your wedding. No sooner especially during peak season else your items will get mixed up with other items, no later  otherwise it may not arrive on time! I shipped out 4 big boxes 3 weeks before our big day! Photograph the items your shipping for your personal records. Be sure to wrap delicate items with bubble wrap and secure boxes for shipping.  Place fragile label cellotape around each box for peace of mind.

Wedding Favours – it’s a good idea to ship these items or pass them on to a trust worthy family member. 

A quick note... Always check with your wedding planners their storage policy for items you want to ship. Items should arrive on time with the correct tracking and payments. You need to be sure that there’s enough space for your items.


Your wedding dress 

Other than your wedding vows, your wedding dress is the most important part of the day. Do not take any risks with this! Don’t put it with your hold luggage it may end up at another destination!

Many airlines have restrictions on carrying your dress. Don’t expect to hang your dress in the aircraft wardrobe especially if your getting married during peak wedding season. Some brides pay for an extra seat for their dress. I would personally try to avoid this, no risks should be taken unless you have your own private aircraft! 

After purchasing your wedding dress, please, I repeat please consider the size of your dress and how much cabin allowance your allowed for your flight. Each airline have their own carry on policy! Be sure to research this before booking your flight! 

If your flying with EasyJet your wedding dress must fit within the hand luggage restrictions of 56 x 45 x 25, there is no weight limit with their cabin case size. It counts as your one piece hand luggage. I managed to buy an easyJet cabin luggage box from the Empty box company. This comes with acid paper to protect your dress. A few brides may not find it easy to transport this type of box around the airport. I may regret lugging this around Gatwick. A good thing about purchasing this box is that it comes in a variety of designs and rest be assured you can store your wedding dress away after your big day! 

Check with your airline before packing your wedding dress. If your flying with easyJet at peak wedding season sarcrifes a few extra pennies and book priority boarding. You don’t want to be one of the last on the plane with not enough space to store away your wedding dress! 

British Airways allow one hand bag or laptop and an additional cabin bag with dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25  this can weigh up to 23kg max. The cabin crew may be able to assist you with hanging your dress up. This is not always the case for peak wedding season. It’s best to pack your dress into a cabin case or dress box that fits the above dimensions to avoid disappointment. 

Ryanair’s cabin dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 and must weigh under 10kg. They allow one hand bag. There are no storage facilities on the plane. Ensure that your dress fits into this dimensions otherwise it gets checked in as hold luggage. Please do not risk the latter! 


Important Items 

So you’ve managed to pack your wedding dress into the correct carry on. Now where on earth do you store your wedding day veil, rings, shoes, family heirloom and all the important paperwork? This has been a real struggle for me as I booked our flights with EasyJet. Although I have priority boarding meaning one handbag, during peak season they may force you to put your carry on under. Here’s where you share a carry on case with your husband to be or a very trustworthy family member that’s also on the same flight as you! 

Here’s what I will be packing into my fiancé’s carry on…

wedding day underwear


reception dress 

wedding shoes

bridal robe 

getting ready sandals



bridal hair piece (comb) 

any other bridal jewellery 

wedding dress hanger 

50ml wedding day Perfume

something old and borrowed for my bouquet 

wedding insurance documents

travel insurance documents

any legal paper work required

wedding day vows 

Table numbers, menu cards & guestbook

any essential beauty items that are below the required ml (I’m taking the risk and checking beauty items as hold luggage) 

fiancé’s suit, shoes, tie, perfume and underwear! Literally everything he will wear on the day! 

electronics e.g back up chargers and camera 

our wedding bands will be going in under my watchful eyes 

boarding passes


wedding planners contact numbers

copy of our wedding package



Your important outfits (rehearsal dinner dress, post wedding event and special items of clothing)  should be kept close to you on the plane. If there’s  no extra space in your carry on assign this to a member of your family or your bridal party.


Plan your outfits 

The all important items have been packed away into your carry on case. Here comes the fun element! Daily outfit planning for your time abroad! This aspect takes time and can be off putting. Trust me it saves you waking up each morning thinking what to wear or worse still I wish I brought my floral wrap dress etc. I tend to take each piece of clothing I love and build them into daily clothing with accessories and underwear. I then pack outfits into my packing cubes. These cubes are perfect for organising your daily outfits into your suitcase and can be purchased off Amazon. I cannot tell you how much this helps!




Handbags & Shoes


Handbags  and shoes are usually packed into dust bags. It’s best to place smaller bags into larger bags for extra space. 


Here’s a list of items which will be going into my hold luggage…

bridesmaids robes

bridesmaids presents

mums present 

grooms present

mother of the groom present 

dads present 


outfits for each day 

wedges/beach sandals 

curling tongs & straighteners 


make up bag /lots of Kirby grips

emergency sewing kit

airline style towelette to remove stains


Items to place into mothers bag or a close family friends bag on the day…


top up lipstick

oil absorbing sheets for face



party feet invisible gel cushion



Welcome to your destination 


It’s best to arrive at your wedding destination at least 5 days before the big day. This buys you enough time to enjoy your stay whilst meeting with your chosen vendors and wedding planners to finalise the running of your day. 

We will be walking through both our ceremony and reception venues to ensure we’re happy with the layout of things and also to familiarise ourselves with key areas. 

Please allow sufficient time to familiarise yourself with your wedding venue. 

Packing for your destination wedding should be stress free and carried out at least two weeks before you jet off. Ship delicate items to your planners abroad, check your carry on allowance. Ensure your wedding dress fits into the correct carry on. Create a check list for your daily outfits. Once complete open that bottle of Prosecco! Your jetting off to your happily ever after! 




Key items 

Wedding dress box 

7 set packing cubes



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