How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photos

  We finally received our engagement photos last night. I am absolutely delighted to share them with you all. I also want to share some insights into the planning and preparation for the photo shoot.

Finding a Photographer

Before embarking on our photoshoot I kept thinking why do we need to take engagement photos? After all we’ve already sent out our save the dates and wedding invitations to our guests, plus our wedding is literally just around the corner. After weeks of umming and ahing we finally decided to go ahead with the photoshoot. This was a  great opportunity for us to get comfortable in front of the camera lens before our wedding. Look at your engagement shoot as a make up trial, your trialling out your photographs before your wedding day. It’s your best chance to get to know your photographer and get comfortable with them. You get to see if your happy with the outcome of your test shoot before your big day!

Unfortunately our wedding photographer is based in Santorini, with just a short space of time and it being wedding season we couldn’t collaborate with our photographer. This would also prove costly in terms of flying out to meet our photographer during peak travel season. Luckily my cousin S’ede who loves all things photography offered to photograph our engagement shots as an early wedding gift.


Checking The Weather and Choosing The Best Time Of day

This may sound obvious, but must not be overlooked. This element is crucial especially if you live in unpredictable climates! By doing this your able to select the best time of day to shoot. Most photographers like to shoot 2 hours before sunset for romantic photos. This is usually around 6.30pm in the summer, or as early as 2pm in winter. We both decided to have our shoot during sunrise to avoid large crowds especially for our chosen location. I must add the 4am wake up on Saturday was very tough but so worth it for the final outcome!

Selecting A Location

When it came to the details of our engagement photos, I wanted a few with us dressed in casual wear and some with formal attire. The idea was to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst shooting. We chose Greenwich Park as it’s a location which means so much to us. We spent many summer days cycling around the park and have so many fond memories here. When choosing your location be sure to make it personal, try and think of a location that is meaningful or part of your story. It could be an area that symbolises the day that you both met or even your proposal location. Word of warning, make sure you have permission to shoot your engagement session at your chosen location. You may be required to obtain a photography permit and pay a fee at a particular location.

Choosing What To Wear

The Outfits

Narrowing down our style of clothing after choosing our location made this element much more easier for both of us. For your engagement photos it’s best to wear coordinating outfits. Avoid wearing clashing patterns and colours. The safest bet is to wear solid colours. Your outfit should ideally reflect your personalities. It’s always best to bring a change of clothes for your shoot. We chose natural colours for the scenery and bolder colours for the National Maritime Museum. This worked perfectly for our formal photos.


The accessories 

Try not to overdo your jewellery. Stick to either a statement earring or a classic necklace. Your aim is to avoid flashy distractions in your pictures. I chose to wear a tear drop earring that was gifted to me a few years ago from my nearest and dearest cousin in Abuja.


Look to wedding magazines and Pinterest to get a better sense of what you like. We wanted a more candid playful feel for our photos with just a few styled shots.

My Engagement Shoot Reminder List

Apart from spending time on Pinterest and reading wedding magazines, I had a running list of everything I needed to remember before taking our engagement photos. I didn’t want to leave things to the last minute, especially with a 4am start!

Get a manicure  I wore the Rimmel London Sweet Retreat nail polish

Clean your ring  I soaked my engagement ring in warm soapy water, use dish washing soap and soak for 20-40 minutes. Rinse under warm running water. Avoid using hard tap water.

List each outfit down to every item including bras and Earrings! Trust me this will help for that early morning dash out the front door.

Remember to pack additional lipstick and concealer for top ups. I used the Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear lip colour in shade Mulberry.


Overall, we are so happy with the way the pictures turned out and are so excited to share them with you. A big thank you to my cousin S’ede for being so flexible, fun and professional throughout the process.

Thanks for stopping by! Wising you a fantastic week.





  1. July 30, 2018 / 7:18 am

    So beautiful!! 😍 Super love how bright your photos are, your cousin did a great job!


    • iamozharzi
      July 30, 2018 / 10:48 am

      Thank you, she most certainly did. The early get up was so worth it too.x

  2. Aparmar
    July 30, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Woow ozzi this is a awesome page, some amazing stuff mate!! Keep it up. Sounds like a good variety of subjects you have going on there!! I’m taking note now ☺️ Keep up the good work. Ps congrats to you beautiful couple -looking amazing together x

    • iamozharzi
      July 30, 2018 / 10:09 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by missy. So happy you like the content. Will keep you posted with more and especially the wedding day pics and of course The Dress.xx

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