Macrame Christmas Tree Tutorial | A beginner’s guide

The traditional textiles technique of knotting is making a big comeback and is set to be even bigger in 2019. I just love the modern twist of natural colours.

Macrame Christmas trees and star shaped wall hangings have been taking over our social media feeds, they add more personality to your home and I was intrigued to know how they were made. I came across a very simple tutorial by Macrame Magic Knots on Youtube. The video was so easy to follow that I decided to document the process in this step by step tutorial.

*This is my second attempt at macrame making, my first was a very simple macrame feather. I hope I’ll inspire you to make your very own macrame Christmas decoration.

You will need:

3mm Macrame Rope or cotton cord

3 wooden beads

Metal ring

Dressmakers pins

Masking tape

Fabric Shears


For a medium size wall hanging, cut:

x2   47.2” strand for the spine

x4   39.3” strand

x2   31.5” strand

x2   19.6” strand


Mount your 47.2” strand on the ring using a lark’s head knot, mount the second 47.2” strand onto the ring with the same knot. Place a pin or masking tape over the ring to stop your strands from moving (I used backing paper over soft carpet).


Half knot the strand furthest to the left by placing over your two middle strands and under the strand on the right. Pass this through the loop formed by the left strand and pull. I believe this is called a half knot. Repeat with the right strand.


Place your second strand to the left over the left strand, double half hitch (tie a double knot). Place two pins here (I’m not sure why but I guess it’s to hold the knots in place).

Fold your 39.3” strand and place under the left strand using a lark’s knot. Push towards the top ring.

Repeat on the other side.


Split the strands by keeping four on each side.

Take the inside strand to use as a guide and work a double half hitch from the centre strand to the strand on the left. Repeat for the other side.

Repeat step two with the middle four strands and place a pin at the centre of the knots.

With the centre strand work a double knot on the left, leave out the strand furthest to the left. Add your 39.3” cord onto the left strand and tie a lark’s head knot. Once complete work the old strand onto the final left strand (please refer to the youtube video for better clarification). Repeat on the right strands.

Add your first bead to the middle two strands, use a bobby pin to help push the strands in (make sure that your beads are slightly bigger than the 3mm cord).



Make another row of double half hitch from the centre strand and work towards the left strand. Repeat on the other side.

Add your 31.5” cord to the cord before last on the left using a lark’s knot. Tie the last double half hitch on the left strand. Repeat on the right. Add another bead to your centre strands.



Repeat step five with your new bead adding your 19.6” strands on either side whilst working the double half hitch.


Work all strands from left to centre using half hitch to create a horizontal line. Repeat on the right side.

The next part was a little fiddly, follow the final steps in the video to complete your very own macrame wall hanging.

My very first macrame wall hanging did not live up to my expectations as there were little gaps towards the end. I will try out another simple design. Keep posted to see how I get along with macrame decor.







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