My ‘current’ coffee table books

Meet Coco the devious cat 


One of my favourite ways to decorate our home is with a variety of books that reflects our interests. Not only are the books pretty to look at, but they’re actually interesting to read. There are so many fascinating books that I absolutely love and from which I draw inspiration.

When I’m feeling low or lacking motivation I enjoy browsing through one of my all time favourite fashion books titled Salvage Beauty by Alexander McQueen. McQueen was a pioneer in his field, a thought provoking designer who made you look into the deeper meaning of his collections and fashion spectacles. My university dissertation was inspired by McQueen. I loved the elements of performance art from the likes of Rebecca Horn and Yves Klein. The work of McQueen and the exhibition ‘Salvage Beauty was and still to this date is one of the reasons why I love the world of fashion. McQueen was a game changer, his legacy still lives. Keep posted for my personal review about the recent documentary titled McQueen which came out in cinemas on the 15th of June 2018.







Almost all my go to books are currently on my bedside table. My bedside table books features the inspirational Little Black Book A Toolkit For Working Women by Otegha Uwagba. This book has motivational tips for women who are ambitious and creative. Little Black Book has helped me on my journey in regards to risk taking and doing what makes me happy.



Another one of my current favourite bedside table book is the highly rebellious bridal guide titled Stone Fox Bride a book about ‘Love, Lust and Wedding Planning for The Wild at Heart’ by Molly Rosen Guy whose a contributing editor at Vogue. A Stone Fox Bride refuses to conform to traditions, they are bold, courageous and somewhat quirky brides. I love reading this after a hard week of work and planning our destination wedding. The book features stories from brides and how they went about planning their big day. There’s hints and tips on how to go about planning your day, unique engagement rings, choosing your bouquet and many more.

There are a few more books on my bedside table which I love dipping in and out of from the likes of Coco Chanel, Elements of Style, The Handmaid’s Tale and How to be Parisian where ever you are. My bedside table books reflects where I am in my life right now; a bride to be planning and decorating our new home with a cool crazy cat called Coco whom we both love and adore.



P.S I would like to hear about your current coffee table books, so please do let me know in the comments below. 




All pictures taken by moi using my i-phone.

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