My pre-wedding skin care

First of all congratulations if you’re  recently engaged or planning for your big day. The run up to your wedding can be very exciting and for some very stressful.

Here are some skincare tips I learnt whilst planning for my upcoming destination wedding.


Drink plenty of water 

Beauty starts from within, I learnt this the hard way. From being a coffee addict to a water convert, I cannot repeat how vital water is in regards to having blemish free skin, keeping you more alert, less headaches and also a radiant glow. I started my 2 litre a day water detox at the start of May 2018. Since this date my skin pigmentation is more even, I have clearer skin and feel more alert.



My 4 step cleanse, tone & moisturise routine

This is the much loved phrase by the beauty industry, which let’s be honest after a night out or a hard day at work we sometimes forget! I cannot stress how important it is to remove the hard days grime off our face especially if you live in the city. I’m no expert on this topic but from having combination oily skin I have learnt to follow these vital steps as soon as I get home from work with or without make up. My favourite product to use and one which does not break the bank is the Garnier SkinActive range Micellar cleansing gel wash. I use a few pumps with water followed by the Sukin cleansing gel for sensitive skin. My current favourite toner is by the popular Pixi Skintreats collection ‘Glow Tonic’ this toner is on another level! To moisturise I use the Sukin facial moisturiser. I follow these steps for both morning and night; before bed I repeat the above steps but include the Pixi overnight glow serum before I moisturise.




I must stress that the products I use work best with my skin, please don’t try any new beauty products on your skin a few weeks before your big day. Start testing out what works best for you at least 6-8 months before your wedding. 


Pat Dry 

This is vital when cleansing that everyday grim, instead of rubbing my towel on my face I have now learnt the importance of pat drying.


Get plenty of ZZZZZZ

Ok I will be honest , the last few weeks have been busy with final planning for the wedding, so I have not topped up my sleep tank enough. A quick fire tip I have been doing is getting an hour nap in the late afternoon afterwork. This helps to recharge your batteries.



I believe that beauty comes from within, lets be honest I’m no saint and I get stressed easily. This can cause breakouts. To be in-tune with my mental health I have recently joined a yoga class. For someone whose always on the go I can’t explain how yoga has settled my thoughts. It has been a saving grace with all this planning!

If you manage to do all the above, eat a healthy balanced diet and stay in tune with your mind as much as possible in the run up to your wedding, your skin should stay clear and radiant. Ok I say this now, lets hope I don’t get any spots on the big day! I will follow up after our wedding.



P.S I would love to know if any of you have tried out the water detox or just aiming to cut out sweet drinks from your diet so please do let me know in the comments below. 

The products I use are based on what works best with my combination oily skin. All pictures in this posts are photographed by moi on my i-phone X

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