Nursery checklist | The ultimate newborn shopping list

Prepping for your newborn? First time Mum? Bombarded with all marketing emails and material for your little bundle of joy? Well you’ve come to the right place. Honestly prepping for a newborn has been so overwhelming and the amount of items marketed at us can become unbearable. Ideally newborns need just 3 things: a safe place to sleep, milk and clothes. I will also add the baby car seat to this for your hospital bag checklist but all the other things below are luxuries and if you’re a first time mum like me you may get a little bit carried away.

It is recommended that your baby sleeps in your room in a safe moses basket or crib for the first 6 months. If your like me and excited for babies arrival then a nursery can be decorated for your baby before they arrive. My logic behind this is that when baby is here I highly doubt I’d have the time, enthusiasm or patience to prepare a nursery. 

I have ensured that our nurseries useful by including a dresser which acts like a changing table that includes a changing mat and storage for all clothes (check out my nursery dresser organisation blog post for some inspiration). This will become handy in the first few months for changing him after bath time and getting baby ready in the mornings. I have also set up portable changing stations with a nappy caddy/organiser in our lounge and bedroom. 

So without rambling on here’s my ultimate newborn shopping list. 


Nursery & Decor

Cot | Crib 

Cot mattress & sheets

Waterproof mattress protector 

Baby monitor 

Cot mobile 

Sound machine 

Dresser | Changing table 

Drawer dividers 

Changing mat

Side table 

Reading corner 

Photo frames

Nursery decorations | theme

Night light 

Room temperature monitor 

Nursing chair & foot stool 

Nappy bin 

Black out blinds ( double roller day and night blinds are fantastic)

Storage / toy basket 

Cool mist humidifier 


Nursing & Feeding 

Nursing pillow 

Muslin Burp cloths 


Breast pump if expressing 

Bottle Warmer 

Bottles & teats 

High chair for 6 months+

Newborn Essentials 

Sleepsuits | Babygrows with integrated mittens

Pram suit (winter babies)


Soft cotton hats | knitted hats



Nappy cream


Nappy bags

Antibacterial hand gel

Socks (some sleepsuits already have a pull over for babies feet)



Sleeping bag or swaddle

Health & Safety 

Nasal decongester

Electric baby nail trimmer

Baby thermometer

Grooming kit

Sensory development & Toys 

Sophie the giraffe (the best teether)


Small soft toy

Play mat for tummy time


Black and White books and tummy time toys

Books for bedtime stories


Bath Time 

Baby bath & support | a sink will do

Rinser bath cup

Bamboo washcloths

Shampoo and Body wash

Baby moisturiser

Water thermometer | or just use your elbows

Hooded bath towel


Travel system

Pram | pushchair

Newborn car seat

Baby on board car sign

Rear facing baby car mirror



Baby carrier


So there you have my extended list coming from a first time mum! I hope that my list will help you find your essential baby items. Let me know in the comments below if there are any other baby items that you love that I didn’t include on my first time mum list!

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