Nursery Dresser Organisation

Being a first time mum means getting carried away with all the cute baby clothes and accessories. Maybe that’s just me but seriously how cute are those newborn sleepsuits and printed swaddles. If like me you’ve got a small space for babies room (we converted our office into babies nursery) then you will want to maximize a simple storage solution for your growing child.

Forget about purchasing a changing table, personally I feel like they are a waste of space and money. Instead get yourself a chest of drawers (dresser) with deep drawers and a set of drawer organisers. I got a set of three Ikea Skubb organiser and one set of the adjustable drawer dividers from Amazon. 

Here’s how I went about organising our babies dresser to make things much quicker once baby arrives…

Pre-Wash & Sort 

It’s best to remove any chemicals, dust and substances from your new purchases as newborns have delicate skin. Your best washing babies new clothing and bedding using non biological detergent which does not contain harmful enzymes at 30/40 degrees.

Once dry start sorting into sizes from newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6months and so on. 

Sort drawers into sections with your drawer organisers | dividers 

Arrange your drawer dividers into each drawer according to how you would dress your baby.

Top drawer

Place Nappies|diapers in your top drawer right below babies changing mat, followed by baby wipes, nappy cream, medical items, bibs, muslin burp cloths, wash cloths, socks, hats and mittens. 

Second drawer

This is ideal for placing vests, sleepsuits/ baby grows and daily outfits. For ease of use you can even label them in size order from newborn, 0-3months and up. 

*Tip place newborn items and 0-3 months at the front of the drawer and backlog 3-6 months at the back of the second drawer.

Third drawer 

When you find out your pregnant you start thinking of all those cute newborn outfits but trust me when it comes to practicality these are so not practical for changing poonamies. I would love to dress our son with all these cute tuxedos and rompers but they are more ideal for photos and outings. 

This leads me onto the third drawer. Depending on the time of year your babies born why not place practical clothing items in your third drawer.

My third drawer consists of outer clothing as we have a winter baby. Here I’ve  placed our sons hoodies, pram-suit, cardigans and just a few bottoms/ dungarees and jeans for days where I feel like taking milestone photos or going out for a special occasion. 

Fourth drawer 

Leading onto babies fourth drawer I have placed blankets, swaddles and spare towels here. Mainly things which I would rarely bend down for, especially after the first few weeks of giving birth.

Extra drawers

If you’re lucky enough and have extra drawers why not store extra items for replenishments. I have the narrower make malm dresser which I decided to use next to babies changing table. 

Here I’ve placed my breastfeeding items from breast pump, pads, extra nipple cream and sterilisers. 

In another drawer I’ve placed extra nappies to replenish into the top drawer of babies changing table.

The third drawer I’ve placed spare bath time products from moisturizers, shower gels and shampoo.

The last drawer I’ve placed my spare postpartum pads which I can replenish into my postpartum basket. Speaking of postpartum baskets I have made a postpartum recovery basket with treats, sanitary items and paracetamol to help with recovery and have placed these in every toilet in our house. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to write up a blog post about this.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful for when your nesting and organising your newborns dresser.

Enjoy the newborn bubble.




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