Planning a destination wedding in Santorini

Our wedding is fast approaching, just two months and five days to go *inserts big smiley emoji*. So the official countdown begins, ok lets be honest I did download the countdown app about a year ago.  It has been over a year planning our destination wedding whilst working full time, friends and family have been asking how we’re managing with all the planning. This quick guide might help some of you brides and grooms who are planning a destination wedding and trying to balance it with work and life commitments! Some of these tips may also work for weddings at home.


Theme or no theme, work out what kind of atmosphere you both want

It’s important to discuss what you both want from your wedding. We asked each other the following questions…

  1. What’s more important for us?
  2. Is the destination we choose suitable for our family and close friends to travel to?
  3. Indoors or outdoors will it suit the vibes we are after?
  4. Will we have a buffet, sit down menu or alfresco barbecue meal?
  5. How late will the bar be open and most importantly can we party till dawn!
  6. Will the venue cater for over 100 guests?
  7. Do we want guaranteed sunshine on our wedding day?
  8. How far in advance do we need to book our venue (Santorini is a top location to get married, popular venues such as Le Ciel get booked up almost a year in advance).

We discovered that we wanted a location where our family and friends have never been to before, a location which builds lasting memories for both ourselves and our guests. Santorini did all that and more, I was drawn to the blue domed buildings and the whitewashed almost cubic like houses, lets not forget the colourful doors of their boutique hotels (I have an obsession with colourful and pretty doors). The Aegean sea featured in so many of my bridal magazines, it was calling my name! I relied heavily on word of mouth, YouTube videos, social media and online research before finally deciding on the magical Greek island of Santorini.



Consider if a wedding planner meets your needs

I wanted a good photographer and videographer to document our day. It was important to find a good planner who knew the location well and had contacts with local planners and vendors. There were so many destination wedding planners who specialised in Greek weddings especially the most sought after location of Santorini. I fell in love with the work and services provided by The Bridal Consultants who are based in Chester and also have local planners in our chosen destination.

I wasted no time in contacting them and have been very happy with their services. Sasha at The Bridal Consultant goes out of her way to ensure that you are fully happy with your plans and ideas for your big day. Having a planner whilst planning a destination wedding takes away most of the burden of contacting vendors and suppliers.



Select a venue which suits both your style

We had a choice of venues to choose from within our wedding package, YouTube and Pinterest became my go to locations whilst selecting our venue. I managed to post on closed group chats via Facebook and joined the youandyourwedding forum for brides and grooms. This helped us to narrow down our choices.

I fell in love with both our ceremony venue and reception venue. Our ceremony venue overlooks the Caldera, our reception venue is on a private beach which allows us to party till dawn!


Selecting your vendors

This aspect was made easy with Sasha our wedding planner. I needed to keep on-top of our deposits receipts and payments. It’s advisable to create a system which works for you in regards to storing vital information which you will need on your wedding day. Another good tip is to set a reminder on the calendar app in your phone for those important payment dates and deadlines.


Give out vital details to your guests

Don’t forget your guests are traveling those extra miles for your big day, help them by giving clear helpful information. We used an app called appycouple for our wedding website. Within our app we listed information about accommodation, hotels and travel.

On a final note it’s important to stay relaxed through the planning stages. I’m still shocked that I’ve not had a big bridezilla moment over the planning stages. You only get one chance to plan your big day, make sure you enjoy every moment. Your wedding should be a joyous occasion which joins together both your families and brings lasting memories. I Can’t wait to update you on our choices in decor, entertainment and the all important wedding day pictures.



P.S Let me know in the comments below if your planning your big day either abroad or at home. 


All pictures in this posts are photographed by moi using my i-phone.

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