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Following on from my knitting journey I decided to test out the DIY clutch bag kit from Wool and the Gang. This is my first time knitting a basic beginner clutch bag and I loved the simple step by step guide which came with the kit.

The final outcome is of a structured bag made using the t-shire yarn ‘Jersey be Good‘. Read on to see how I got along with the DIY kit and to see my finished knitted clutch bag.


The Jersey be Good yarn comes in a variety of colours and fun patterns and is up-cycled from jersey t-shirts and textiles waste. There are endless possibilities with this fab yarn, from crochet rugs, knitted blankets and even cat beds. It’s an eco conscious way to use up old items of clothing.  You can try out making your own jersey yarn by cutting an old t-shirt on the bias.


I used a simple garter stitch for the clutch bag for ease and quickness. Within two hours my working stitches were complete and ready to sew up on both sides with a running stitch using the same yarn.


I selected the wrap closure for my bag strap. The strap was completed in no time using the paracord technique, this is very similar to square knots used in macrame.


What do you think?

I love the feel and texture of the jersey yarn, it’s very ridged making it structured and perfect for knitted accessories and bags.


I’m a big fan of the jersey yarn as it’s super quick for knitting up your knitted project. Have you used the jersey yarn before? I’d love to know what you have knitted with the yarn, leave your comments below or message me on instagram.






  1. Georgie
    February 28, 2021 / 10:51 am

    How do you fasten and open the clutch strapthe clutc

    • iamozharzi
      August 24, 2021 / 9:09 pm

      I apologise in advance for the delayed reply. The clutch is fastened with a trigger ring which came with the diy pack from Wool and the Gang. I hope this helps.

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