The Wedding Morning | How to Stay Calm While Getting Ready


Every bride-to-be dreams of the most perfect wedding morning with the special women in their lives. After months of searching for the ‘one’ your wedding dress, to the final details of your bridal accessories, the day of your wedding has finally arrived.

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, the same goes for your wedding morning, creating a timeline of activities with your planner will ensure that the morning starts off with a schedule for your nearest and dearest to follow.

Read on to find out how to avoid relentlessly running around your hotel room all flustered and stressed.



Layout everything you will need for getting ready the night before, this includes everything from your bridal lingerie, beauty products, accessories and bridesmaids dressing gowns. I created a detailed checklist on the note section of my phone to help. This came in handy as we had a traditional Nigerian wedding the night before our big day.

You may hear people advising you to have an early night, trust me this usually does not happen as you may be full of excitement and nerves. Your best bet is to listen to some relaxing music the night before and practice some mindfulness, there are so many useful apps and websites for mindfulness.


Hang up your wedding dress

Lay out your wedding shoes and bridal slippers

Wedding rings & important documents

Leave out all your accessories


Bridal Hair comb





Hair tools | Straighteners

Bridesmaids dressing gown

Bridal dressing gown

Bridesmaids presents

Presents for the close women in your family

Wedding invitations

Shower gels, facial wash & cleansers

Fully charge your phone

Emergency sewing kit

I laid out the bridesmaids dressing robe and gifts ready for our photographer and videographer. Keep your bridal suite neat and tidy. Get your bridesmaids and the special women who are getting ready with you in the morning to keep everything to one side of the room. Trust me you do not want a messy background on your professional getting ready photographs.


Don’t rush the special moments with the ladies in your life, make sure you allow plenty of time for eating, drinking and catching up with your brides babes. Put on your favourite playlist, pop open a bottle of prosecco, and have fun with the pre-wedding preparations.

Extra Time

Pencil in extra time for a first look photography with your nearest and dearest, handing out bridal party gifts and taking small sips from your glass of prosecco. You do not want to be a tipsy/drunk bride.



I woke up on our wedding morning full of joy and happiness, I was thankful that we all made it to our special day and held onto the following mantra ‘what ever happens today happens, I won’t sweat over the minute things which may go wrong, the most important part of the day is seeing my love standing at the end of the aisle’.

A few guests may drop out last minute, some guests may arrive late and parts of your decor may not be placed as you intended it to be. Trust me you are not responsible for this, enlist your trust on your wedding planner or a very organised member of your family. This is your special day to enjoy with your new husband or wife. Enjoy every moment with them and please don’t sweat the small details.

Our videographer mentioned that he had never met a very calm bride before, my mother and sister kept saying that I would be a bridezilla on my wedding day, I proved both of them wrong.



Enjoy being made up, I highly recommend a MUA or a trusted friend for this aspect. Try not to do your own make up unless your extra calm and comfortable with doing it your self. Take time to relax, indulge and enjoy.



In the words of Marilyn Monroe, ‘a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear’. Be confident, smile and own your day.




CREDITS Photographer: Nathan Wyatt Photography |Hair & Makeup Artist: Mary Adiva Forever | Bridesmaids dressing gown: Debenhams | Mrs Satin and lace robe: Boux Avenue



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