Trick or Treat | DIY No Carve Pumpkin

Keep the bugs away and add an extra ‘Va Va Voom’ to your door step this Halloween with these gold painted pumpkins. Painted pumpkins are so much easier than carving and I love how creative you can be with them.

Pinterest is full of so many quirky pumpkin design ideas that I decided to give it a whirl. I was inspired by ‘all the eternal love I have for the pumpkins’ an art installation from the legendary artist Yayoi Kusama who created an infinity mirror room of painted pumpkins!

Before you start your design you’ll want a variety of shapes and sizes. A large pumpkin amongst various sizes makes for a perfect display. I selected my pumpkins from Aldi’s and Sainsbury’s, they can be found at the vegetable aisle labelled as squash.

You will need:


Chalkboard Paint

Gold Acrylic Paint


Gold embellished trimmings

Pen for dot painting

Dot Glitter stickers

Glue Gun

Black Velvet Spiders *for decoration



Clean and dry the surface of each pumpkin from dirt.



Paint the bottom half of your pumpkin and let dry.



 Once dry paint the top half. The chalk paint was so good I only used one coat of black  and two coats of white. Use a soft medium brush for more accuracy and to avoid brush mark lines. I left the stalks unpainted for a rustic look.


*Avoid using the masking tape on top of your painted pumpkin as it peels off the paint!


Black & Gold Painted Pumpkins

I’ve gone with a vintage gold and black design with embellished sequins. To begin, decorate one of your black pumpkins with medium sized circle stickers. Apply these vertically down your pumpkin taking inspiration from Yayoi Kusama’s  pumpkin installation. Leave a space between each vertical stripe dot.

*Apply craft glue to the back of your circle stickers as they may peel off depending on the room temperature or environment you intend to display your pumpkin.

Next use the back of a flat circle pen, pencil or even a paintbrush and apply to your gold acrylic paint before dotting onto your pumpkin. Apply this vertically in-between your medium circle stickers.

For the second pumpkin I painted vertical gold stripes using two coats of gold acrylic (do not use masking tape for the lines as it will peel off some of your chalk paint when you remove the tape, I learnt the hard way and had to start all over again)! Once your gold vertical lines have dried measure out your gold embellished trimming and apply vertically next to your gold stripes using the glue gun.


White Painted Pumpkins

I decided to keep the white pumpkin designs simple by adding the left over gold circle stickers to the largest of the two in a vertical pattern. The smallest pumpkin was painted using gold acrylic with the pen dabbing technique.


Décor & Props

Creep it real with velvet spiders and orange themed roses ready for a spooktacular Halloween. These would make for a great display on your entry table, fireplace or even on your windowsill.

Hope you enjoyed this super easy and fun DIY tutorial. Have a BOOtiful Halloween!







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