Twenty Twenty | A Letter to my Future Self

Dear future self,

Take a deep breath and pause for a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, you have fought off all physical and emotional pain.

Now please take a look down at your feet, where are they right now?

Look around you what do you see and hear when you wake up? Do you hear birds chirping or the sounds of cars passing by? Remember not everyone is fortunate enough to hear these sounds when they wake.

Look outside your window, what colour is the sky? Can you paint a rainbow? Remember not everyone is fortunate to see the world around them or distinguish between reds and yellows.

Don’t forget you cannot control each life circumstances as they come, only God can.

If you can’t change a certain situation then adjust your thinking.

Please don’t worry about what the future might bring instead focus on the now, set goals and aim high, for each disappointment there is a blessing around the corner.

2020 you are a fresh new decade for us to paint a new picture with, we are ready for what you have in store for us.

Let’s go and write a new chapter in our lives!



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