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Are you fed up of storing all your yarn on top of cupboards, inside paper bags and laundry baskets? Did you know that storing yarn inside a basket on top of your carpet might call for unwanted yarn eating guests (carpet bugs). Read on to find out how I went from storing my wool stash on book shelves, inside drawers and dotted around the house to creating a feature wall shelving unit decorated with my favourite yarn collection and finished items.



Storing various skeins of yarn resulted in piles of tangled pieces, knitted projects which were half complete and lots of yarn making it impossible to find what I needed. It was time to find a better yarn storage solution once and for all.

The best solution came about from the Kallax shelving unit purchased from IKEA. You can place the unit horizontally or vertically to fit your space. I chose to place mine vertically allowing space on either side to place my extra large knitting needles on one side and tailors dummy on the other. Next came the Kallax wire basket in gold. This slide in perfectly on the Kallax unit allowing extra customisation of the storage space. I went for two gold baskets to display my chunky yarn.


Above the wire basket on the top shelf I organised my beads, buttons, trimmings and left over yarn into gasket jars found in the clearance section of TK MAXX. I kept all my wooden knitting needles in a glass jar, making it easy for me to find matching pairs.

Right at the bottom of the Kallax shelving unit I used two storage baskets designed to fit into the shelving unit to store my WIP projects and wool roving for my weaving projects.

I can now see what colour yarn I have and love sorting them out colour by colour according to weights and for future knitted projects. I hope this inspires you to create a decorative yarn stash around your home and with spring just around the corner it’s a perfect excuse to find that long lost hidden yarn. Follow my instagram stories to see some behind the scene footage and pictures of my disorganised yarn stash to the building of the Kallax organisation system.

Osaze x


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