Woven Wall Hanging | Rya Knots

To prepare this weaving I have used two simple techniques; the rya knot and plain weave to make a beautifully textured home decor piece. Read on for the full tutorial here on the blog.

This finished wall hanging measures 19 x 54 cm and is made using merino wool inspired by colours from a winters beach. I spent a total of two hours completing this piece whilst watching Christmas movies and stopping to raid the fridge for some festive treats.

To begin, you will need:

an assortment of cheeky chunky merino wool

cotton warp or rayher warp thread 

tapestry needle


weaving loom needles


Wrap the loom with the cotton warp thread by turning the thread up and down between the ridges keeping it taught. Knot at the bottom right corner to finish. For detailed instructions on how to begin with the warp threads please check out my previous woven wall hanging blog post here.

Next weave in the natural colour yarn with about 6-8 rows to provide support for the rya knots.

We are now going to work with the centre feature of our wall hanging. Measure out wool roving to your desired length (double the length as you will be folding the yarn in half), you will need 10 strands of the same colour. I used cerulean green for the middle tassels.

Start by adding the first rya knot to the 7th and 8th strand of the warp thread from the left of the weaving loom. Wrap the yarn on two strands of the warp thread and repeat this from the right side of the weaving loom.

Work the centre feature of the wall hanging into a pyramid shape by continuing the second row of rya knot on the eighth warp thread and the third row of rya knot on the 10th warp thread.

*Each rya knot for this piece was wrapped between two strands of warp thread.


Fill in the left and right sides of the wall hanging with a new colour yarn. I used 10 strands of baby blue to tie in with the winters beach theme, (5 strands on each side).

Next cut the end sides of each yarn on a diagonal to create a triangular shape.


Measure out half the length of your previous two yarns (baby blue and cerulean green). I used a natural white for this next layer and worked 10 yarns across the top of the previous rya knots.

Cut this layer on the diagonal from each corner to meet a centre point.


Add a new centre feature of green to the 6th warp thread above the white row on both sides.

Cut the green middle feature on each edge to meet the centre point before weaving natural white yarn across the top of the rya knots. Weave 10-12 rows of the merino wool.


Add 18-20 rows of a pearl grey yarn with a different texture. I used a lightweight yarn.


Add 14-16 rows of natural merino wool to finish off the textured wall hanging.


Carefully take the wall hanging off the weaving loom.

Weave in any loose yarn on the back and edge by threading a needle with the yarn, tuck each yarn under a series of three- five threads and trim off any excess.

Hide the warp threads the same way as you did with the yarn. Thread each warp and pass through a series of woven thread. Trim and repeat the same steps for the bottom of the wall hanging.


To hang the woven wall hanging, select a dowel rod or a piece of wood which is a few inches wider than your wall hanging. Thread a long long piece of merino wool onto a tapestry needle and stitch through the top warp threads and over the wall mount. Finish with a double knot.

To hang the wall hanging add another piece of merino wool to the centre using the larks knot method. 

That’s it, you have a woven wall hanging inspired by the colours of a winters beach.

Now you need to find a nice place to hang your weaving in your home.



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